To Ingest or Not to Ingest...That is the Oily Question

This is going to be controversial, but I’m ok with that. I’d much rather have you safe than sorry!

If you’ve been aware of essential oils for a little while, I’m sure you’ve come across a Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest post offering a recipe for ingesting essential oils. In fact, I was just on the 2 big MLM sites and they both offer products and recipes for ingestion.

(Note: I’m not speaking about their quality of oils, I’m strictly talking about ingestion here.)

But, if you remember your basic school science, you’ll also remember that OIL AND WATER DO NOT MIX. (Hmmmm....can you see where I’m going with this?)

Let’s back up a few steps and talk about exactly what essential oils are:

“Aromatherapy is a true holistic therapy, offering simultaneous healing possibilities on physical, emotional and energetic levels...The essential oils used in aromatherapy are HIGHLY CONCENTRATED SUBSTANCES, extracted most commonly by steam distillation from a variety of flowers, herbs, trees, roots, and fruit. Each oil offers its own unique CHEMISTRY of healing qualities.” (Alliance of International Aromatherapists,

Essential oils are 100x more potent than the raw plant material. 100 TIMES! (Think about alcohol production ~ the amount of material it takes and the concentration of the end product. The plant material used for essential oils goes through a distillation process, too.)

When you apply essential oils to your skin (always dilute them and be safe about which ones you apply topically ~ more on that in another post), your body is better able to SLOWLY absorb them into your bloodstream.

That’s not the case with oral dosing where it’s assumed that 100% of that essential oil is absorbed.

So, what does this mean?

It means that you can hit TOXIC levels.

Essential oils are part of the world of plant MEDICINE. Everything about essential oils is CHEMISTRY and SCIENCE (believe me, I’m studying for an exam. It’s ALLLLL chemistry.)

Bear this in mind:


(Please, please, please, do NOT allow your children access to your oily toolkit! Just as you put your meds up high, put your oils away!)

There is A LOT of essential oil misinformation out there.

Please do your own research before you take the word of someone who is not trained.

As a final note:

“AIA does not endorse internal therapeutic use...unless recommended by a health care practitioner trained at an appropriate clinical level. An appropriate level of training must include chemistry, anatomy, diagnostics, physiology, formulation guidelines and safety issues regarding each specific internal route”.

These are the facts, folks. People have been hospitalized, and worse, by ingesting essential oils.

Please Tag someone you’d like to share this information with! You just may save a life!

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